Adrien Honoré

Interview with Adrien Honoré, COO of .Best

.Best is a gTLD that was bought last summer by Cyril Frémont (CEO) and Adrien Honoré (COO). Since then, this extension has grown steadily from 2,500 domain names in August 2018 to almost 12k in March 2019!

We had the chance to meet Adrien and to ask him why someone should buy a .Best

Why should a company buy a .Best instead of a .com ?

Of course you could buy only a .Best but strategically, you should register one in conjunction with a .com when it's available.
.Best is the extension that fits perfectly with your products, and your e-reputation.

So if I’m a marketing company, it would be beneficial for me to buy a “” or “” and keep my institutional “.com”

Exactly, and they will offer different benefits. For instance, will be great for SEO.
.Best domains can not only help you improve your ranking in search results, they also look great on your business card. Providing a strong brand image and an easily recongisable name. Which can make the difference between being remembered or NOT.

Did you comission studies on the impact that a .Best has on SEO ? Compared to a .com for instance.

Yes! Globerunner, a leading Search Engine Marketing company, released a study recently.
They clearly showed that .Best websites had a better Click-Through Rate (CTR). And our .Best SEA research shows that you can save money and reduce your cost per lead by using .Best domain names

Ok, that's very positive, but the renewal price is quite expensive compared to other gTLDs. Don’t you think that the price may stop someone from registering a .Best?

If you take in consideration the points above and if you keep in mind that an SEO campaign may cost some hundred of dollars, 80$ is very cheap.
But I have excellent news for you. Our renewal price for non premium domains will be at $15 wholesale starting from the 5th of August 2019.
And by the way we are actually running a promotion until this date.

Nice! And how do I use my .Best ? As a redirect to my website ?

.Best is one of the few gtld that can be use for every sector. The business possibilities are incredible.
- marketing campaigns, like LayerHost did with
- you can use your .Best domain in so many ways to generate businesses, or boost your image. Like, you don’t need much effort to create value with one.
- you can redirect your url, protect your brand or market your brand like the very well known company did.
- create dedicated pages to capture traffic and therefore, potential leads.
- .Best domains on an e-commerce site add a strong reputation and confidence factor. For example, the great website Because everybody is looking for the best.

Imagine for instance Decathlon, Nike or Adidas creating a marketing campaign with What would you envisage to find on this website?

Now you have your answer.

I could keep going and going but here is an one more example : Imagine worldwide locations. or
For example, and this is what we already see frequently in our registrations.

You just need to use your talent and build your ideas to show the world who is the best ??

You’re ready to launch platform. Could you please remind us of the goal of this platform ?

THE.BEST SOCIAL NETWORK, is the review social network where you can rate everything and get paid for your contribution, more you get views more you get paid. You will have your own domainname in .Best with your own webpage to be decentralized, to give back the data privacy also the responsability to the user.

We are in a era where we are all looking for the best. Pre inscription are open at and you can check our THE.BEST profiles ,

If I’m already the owner of a .Best today, will I be able to use it on ? And will I be able to use a subdomain (such as ?"

You will be able to redirect your url like you can do with other social networks. But you will have the opportunity to verify your .Best domain when you sign in, in order to be in THE.BEST SEARCH ENGINE. This will provide you with a chance to rank better, which increases the opportunities to get views and of course create more business.

Thanks so much for your time. This does make it very enticing to register a “keyword” .Best domain to ensure great visibility on the Internet and on platform!

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